NAU Senior Legacy

This Fund is established to create a culture of philanthropy within the senior class students. Each year current NAU seniors will be solicited for gifts which will provide scholarships to upcoming students having a senior class standing.

Development and Alumni Engagement
Supplemental Questions
  1. Will your enrollment level for next year be a senior (90+ credit hours)?
  2. Please provide a list of on-campus involvement and activities including the names of supervisors, leaders, coaches, or advisors for each activity/group. If you are the leader or founder of the activity/group, then the contact information of an advisee must be supplied. On campus activities may include employment, participation in and positions held in student groups and organizations, athletics, etc.
  3. Please provide an essay in response to the following question (500 words maximum): How would you describe your legacy at NAU? What have you given to NAU and how will this scholarship help you achieve your goals?
  4. I understand that to be considered for this award I will need to provide two letters of recommendation, one from a faculty member or academic advisor, and one from a supervisor, leader, coach, or group advisor.
  5. Please provide a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or academic advisor. You should notify this individual to expect an email from us. You are responsible for ensuring that your reference provider completes this request.
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