Barbara Cline Memorial Nursing Scholarship

“Established for Barbara Cline. A 1969 graduate of NAU’s register nurse’s program. She worked for over 20 years in Flagstaff’s nursing community, at FMC and in a local doctor’s office.

*Undergraduate or Graduate NAU Nursing student(s)
*who have acquired mature judgment
*who have held jobs after high school
*who have become divorced or have been working as nurses aides and wish to continue their education
*and students who have high morals and ideals of service
*Financial need "

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you held a job(s) after high school?
  2. Are you a single parent?
  3. CNA?
    • Do you have, or have had, your CNA license?
    • Please list license number
  4. Please provide a short essay explaining your views on intgerity, ethics and helping other people.