Charles Edward Dunson Scholarship

This Fund shall be used to provide scholarships to support students who meet the following criteria: Undergraduate or graduate student who is enrolled full-time (12 credit hours undergraduate, 9 credit hours graduate), with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above (4.0 =A), and preference given to students demonstrating financial need.

Preference will also be given to a student(s) majoring in one of the areas listed here: 1. Teaching of Biology; 2. Public Health; 3. Forestry; 4. Early Childhood Education; 5. Hotel Restaurant Management; 6. Elementary Education; 7. Public Administration; 8. Home Economics Education; 9. Environmental Management; 10. Vocational Education; 11. Nursing; 12. Speech; 13. English; 14. Choral Music; 15. Journalism; 16. Band; 17. Environmental Science; 18. Math/Science Secondary Education; 19. Theatre; 20. Library Certification.